Young Squirrels Exploring

I’ve been watching for the past few days these two young Squirrels dart in and out of their “home” inside the Maple tree in our front yard. Today I had my camera ready.



There is a story here. Day after day I watched them come out of the hole and scamper around the tree not too far from security. Each day they went further up the tree, but never down onto the ground. Then today, I watched as their Mother took control and tried repeatedly to coax them to the ground. After many attempts she was finally successful, getting them to follow her off to look for food.  I have no idea how large the hole is, but it has to be quite large inside the tree to accommodate the Mother and two youngsters almost as large as she is. Nature is fun to watch, especially with a camera and telephoto lens. 

Yard Critters in 2018


I kept my cameras handy and ready to go during 2018. Living where we do in a small town in Southwest Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we have a variety of critters in our yard. The highlight was this new-born fawn who had been placed by its mother in deep grass hiding until she returned.  There were others and I selected the best of the lot for your enjoyment. Happy New Year!










Backyard Critters

It seems most of us have them … small wild animals and a variety of birds living close to home. Year around in many locations. Here in SW Virginia we especially have lots of squirrels and wild birds flying and running about the yard. They seem comfortable with us humans and aren’t too shy. Each in their own way can make a nice photo. However, you have to be alert, because they move quickly.


I was fortunate to see this friendly squirrel sitting on our patio fence right by the door as I peered out. He didn’t move.


Then today on a misty, cool morning my favorite type bird flew on top of our sundial to clean up seed I’d accidentally dropped after filling the nearby bird feeders. I grabbed my camera with telephoto lens and made this photo through the window glass over the kitchen sink. It’s not as sharp as it might have been had I been outside but these guys don’t linger so I had to get what I could. Photography is fun. Just keep your eyes open and camera handy.