Contrasts in Nature



These two photos definitely contrast with each other. One bright and cheerful, the other not so much. Sometimes it’s nice to look for such images. Getting “close up” was important to me.

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Weedy Colors


This time of year on the East Coast of the U.S. may be a good time to look for some “weedy colors” as you wander about. I’ve found that this type of vegetation can offer more interesting composition than what I’ll call “brand-name” flowers see in gardens and elsewhere. The image above is a good example, as are those below. Enjoy your camera!





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A Cloudy, Rainy Day


Martinsville, Virginia near where we live sits in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are certain locations in the city where I often go to view the surrounding low hills and far away higher ridges. It was a rainy and cloudy day when I decided to go take a look, seeking to capture some of the soft views I hoped to see, in black and white compositions. The view above looks down on a main highway through a portion of the outskirts of the city center. I include that to give you an idea of the relative elevation I was standing when I made the other photos elsewhere.



These two images are what I was looking for. I wish there had been some more fog in the valleys and along the ridges, but these two will do.


And, while I was standing up high, I looked even higher and saw this communication tower, which in high contrast black and white looks pretty neat in my opinion.

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Monday Mix


Just a hint of Fall colors here in SW Virginia, with our Dogwood Trees turning slightly, backed by still bright green Tulip Poplars, which by the way have devilish leaves to clean up after they hit the ground later in the season. Thankfully, we have a yard man and crew to deal with it all. Such goes with my age and relative health–help from yard man and crew that is.


I’m not sure what the proper name of these flowers is, but we call them “Chickens.” I just transplanted this bunch to this location and they seem to be doing fine. The bushy flowers turn pink in the Fall, then the whole plant dries up waiting for Spring.


We’ve been having late season thunderstorms here in SW Virginia, and yesterday afternoon we lost electric power for several hours. Short outage thankfully. But, it was still dark in the house given the gully-washer rains outside with dark clouds. Thus, out came the emergency lantern, which serves well on the kitchen table. Not wanting to sit in the scary dark by herself, our cat Boots jumped on the table (pulled herself up actually using a chair for assistance) to get “into the light.” Cats are indeed cool.

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The American Chestnut Tree


A neighbor of ours has two rare trees in his yard. American Chestnut. They are relatively small compared to the number of Pine, Oak and Tulip Poplar trees which dominate our neighborhood. These two trees have been pruned to maintain their health, and they survive, to annually drop their nuts to the ground, encased in prickly husks, where they rest until the squirrels get at them. Or me. I wish there were more trees like these Chestnuts here in Virginia, and perhaps one day there will be, given the amount of efforts underway to help sustain their revival. For your education, there’s a bit of history about the Chestnut Tree in Virginia after the two photos below that show the prickly shells with nut inside.



“The American Chestnut was once a common dominant tree in the deciduous forests of eastern North America and Virginia. In some parts of the Appalachians it was estimated to comprise 25% of the timber volume. The chestnut tree was relatively fast-growing and had a strong sprouting ability. The chestnut blight, caused by a fungus was first reported in New York in 1904. Within 50 years it had spread throughout the natural range of chestnut and virtually all Chestnut Trees were killed by the blight.”

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Turkey Buzzards Overhead

They glide through the wind on wings wide and strong, looking much, much better above than they do when on the ground, feasting on road kill or whatever. The part of SW Virginia where we live is a stopping point for the annual migration of these large birds so I have lots of opportunities to make some photos, given my bent neck looking up holds out.



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A Bright Moment in Time


I’ve written before several times that it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for possibly interesting photo subjects. One evening while waiting for supper, and as the sun was setting behind our home, my eye caught a small bit of orange coloring out back in one of our Dogwood trees. Looking closer I noted that the setting sun was creating an interesting effect on a small portion of the tree; just that part that had begun to change from Summer green to Fall colors. Grabbing my camera, which had a telephoto lens mounted, I walked out to see what I could see. The above image was the result. It turned out pretty special in my opinion. So, I say again, “Keep your eyes open and a camera close at hand.”


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Lines and More Lines

While I was on a photo walk recently, I decided to capture several images that had various sorts of “lines” in each composition. From my experience it’s never a bad idea to have one or two themes when you are out looking for different photography. Processing each of these original color photos in black and white (Lightroom 5) with the Silver Efex Pro 2 Plug-In, makes them much better in my opinion.






Finding Something Different

No matter how many times I have wandered around “UP TOWN” Martinsville, Virginia where we live in SW Virginia, I always find something different to photograph. The key is to look close at everything around, and pick a composition which before had escaped my eye. It’s fun to do this!






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Popular Butterfly Bush

We have had Butterfly Bushes growing in our yard for years. They often grown high and full, and of course always do their job of attracting local Butterflies.






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