Wandering the Path

I could probably write a lot of philosophical words about the title of this post, thoughts such as “taking advantage of paths in life that are placed before us.” But, this is a photoblog and not a place to get some personal developmental inspiration. I do hope, however, that my photo compositions below make you think about what might lie ahead for your camera lens, if you’ll just wander along paths, such as this walkway in a local nature area; and if you do, perhaps you’ll discover something nice just waiting for you. But, be quick because some scenes might change quickly, as it did with this twitchy squirrel.



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Posted by on December 19, 2014 in Black and White, Landscape, Wildlife


Winter Photo Contrast

To me, making photos during the winter months is often more pleasing in black and white. Contrasts seem to “pop” out to me that way. I wonder why more people never think to try using some other photo mode besides “color.”





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Santa’s Workshop

Passed by this in a mid-town Greensboro, NC shopping center, during the day when there were no visitors to see Santa Claus. I liked the colors, thus the photos. That time of year, eh?




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Some Artistic Compositions?

I “paint” with my camera, as do many others like me. When I see objects which I think might look good in a framed artistic work of art, I snap the shutter of my camera, and then when viewing it on my computer during post processing, I sometimes smile when I see success. On the other hand, some images get the “boot” to the trash bin. It’s all about having fun. These were made using my new Fuji x100t camera, and are essentially out-of-camera results, with some cropping.





Ducks on the Water: Two Views

When I make photos of ducks on the water, I like to try for some “action” as well as interesting patterns on the water’s surface. These two images are an example of both objectives.



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Posted by on December 10, 2014 in Animals, Birds


Looking Close

It’s usually interesting and often beautiful to use your camera lens to “look close” and thus see things you may have missed otherwise. These phtos were made at a nature preserve in Greensboro, NC last week. A beautiful warm day, preceded by a cold and wet day, and followed by same. This is typically the sort of early December weather we have in this part of the country. Great photo weather non-the-less. Used my new Fuji X100T camera.




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The Red Motor Hotel

In the United States decades ago when travelers drove their private vehicles on vacations or otherwise, there were no “Interstate Highways” such as we have today with main exits having any number of chain motels to serve as a place to rest for the night in relative comfort. Back then there were what I’ll call Motor Hotels that provided a place to stop that was more like one’s home than a temporary place to stop for the night. I found one such place near our home in SW Virginia. It had a separate “office, while across the adjacent street there was a long, single story building with individual “apartments” complete with separate garages in which to park the family car for the night. I’ll call this place “The Red Motor Hotel.”





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Looking for Colors and Finding Same

Lots of “colors” in these images. Looking for same is one of my main priorities when I’m using my camera.






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These two images are certainly opposites.



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Posted by on December 2, 2014 in Landscape


Painting on the Water

These images look to me like painting on the water.




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Posted by on November 29, 2014 in Landscape


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