Simple Beauty

Here are three examples of why springtime is “beauty-time.”




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Spring Popping Out

It’s “color” time and my camera can’t stop. Nor can I from seeking these type images. They often present themselves quickly, and before you know it, they are gone until next year. Why wait?




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Living in the Southeastern reaches of the United States, we are home to what was once expected to be a solution to severe erosion in the early 20th Century, brought on by farming and other man-made activities. A variety of plant, Kudzu, was imported into the US from Eastern Asia to perform that role. What happened eventually is not what was intended. The pervasive plant spreads so fast one can almost see it growing, sometimes a foot a day from “shoots” that spread and capture whatever is around. Below are photo examples of what it has done to some old farm buildings in SW Virginia. Were it summertime, the scenes would look more like a large green blogs. Our grandkids used to refer to the plant as creating “Monster Trees.”






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Walk in a Park

Few things compare to a walk in early Spring, on a warm sunny day, in a nice city park, with the sweet aroma of flowering trees and other blooming beauties assaulting our nostrils. Includes perhaps a sneeze or two,for those with seasonal allergies. Fujifilm X100T camera.



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Peek-a-Boo Birds

Here’s two looking at ya! Virginia Cardinal and Canadian Goose. Both found in Greensboro, NC. Fujifilm X100T camera.



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Interesting Perspectives

I like these images which show some interesting perspective views. The close-up of the lace curtains in the window is nice in my opinion. I’m not bragging on my photos, I just happened to see something that looked interesting and the camera did the rest. A Fujifilm X100T. Superb camera thats fun to use. My main camera now.





Soft Focus Black and White

I was watching a documentary today that covered the life of a famous photographer who made a statement that summed up how I often feel about my photos. He said, “The finished photo image is often much more than just the result of a mechanical process, it can also be the result of some artistic vision.” In the case of photojournalism, where realism and truth is key, I understand that the original image should not be altered, and in fact publication style-guides state that as a requirement for it to be published. But, otherwise, when the photo is used by the originator to present a specific artistic view, then I say, “have at it.” Thanks to digital post processing software today, it’s possible to alter an original photo’s appearance in subtle or dramatic ways. I prefer the subtle. Here are several examples, I call it “soft focus.”






Always Looking

I’ve written here many times, and have shown lots of examples to illustrate, why its a good idea to always be on the lookout for some interesting photo compositions, that many folks might never see. I hope you enjoy the folowing.







Small Town Banks


Once, many years ago, most towns and cities in America had at least one usually small bank that served the people living nearby. The Great Depression of the 1930s mostly spelled an end to many of these banks, but some carried on. Today, what’s left are the shells of those banks, still standing strong with their Greek architectural style, reminding many of what once was. This bank I thought was unusual mainly due to its rather narrow but tall stature. The addition to the right side was an afterthought to the main building … I suspect. The next image provides a bit more detail. Nice subjects to find, and then to photograph.


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A Mix of Spring


Ok, true this is a Christmas Cactus bloom at our dining room window, so not necessarily a “spring” photo subject, but hey, the flower has no calendar. Quite beautiful no matter when they decide to pop out.


On the other hand, colorful spring sunsets are typical in SW Virginia at this time of year, given the number of weather cold fronts that move through, often with clearing skies and nice colors, made more special in my opinion when leaves are not on the trees.

The two images below show the hardy nature of Pansies, that were planted last Fall, and made it through cold and snow looking good. The first image surprised me when I walked by, and saw the “smiling face” look up at me. Spring is a great season for photography.



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