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Famous Floyd Country Store

One of my favorite places to visit, in one of my favorite small towns in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Best time to go there is on a Saturday in the Spring, Fall or Summer, albeit there are going to be lots of visitors when local musicians are playing folk and Blue Grass music. The ice cream is really good, as is the candy and other goodies sold in the store.







Dogwoods at Easter

The Dogwood trees in our yard in SW Virginia have been especially nice this year. Even unseasonably mid-April cold weather does not matter. Happy Easter!






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Not Far Away


Sometimes what you may be looking for may ultimately not be that far away. Like this photo for example. I had pulled my car off the road to make some photos recently and noted that I’d have to walk a bit to get to my destination, which was not a problem. But as I stepped out of the vehicle and looked down, this single, simple and beautiful white wild flower was right at my feet. I figured I’d not do much better than that image at that location so decided eventually to move on. Was it luck I spotted that flower? Maybe, however I like to think I was meant to find it. I recall a time several years ago when I went back to the small Missouri town where my grandparents are buried, and decided to visit their graves to pay my respects. I had no idea where their graves were located in the mid-size cemetery but figured I’d just walk around until I found their names on the grave stones. After an hour or so walking past grave after grave, I had not been successful in my search. I decided to walk back to my truck which I had originally parked just off the narrow road through the cemetery, get a bottle of water and then resume my search. I opened the door to my truck, got a bottle of water, closed the door and then turned around to walk back up the road. As I looked down adjacent to my truck, I spotted less than ten feet away the graves of both my grandparents. What made me stop my truck there to begin my search? Like with the flower I found recently on a photo road trip, I think I was destined to park there. God moves in mysterious ways some say, I for one!

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My Favorite Valley

Everyone probably has a favorite place to visit. One of my top local places is a scenic valley astride Virginia Route 8 headed northwest toward Floyd, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. As you drive along the highway and crest a steep hill, a panoramic view presents itself looking west towards high ridges of the mountains, with a nice farmstead sitting in the midst of a beautiful (and productive in season) apple and peach orchard. I hardly go that way in winter due to the cold weather, ice and snow but in the Spring, Summer and Fall it’s grand to photograph. This year was the first for me in Spring and the day I was there recently I was treated with the sight of blooming trees, nice sun and clouds, and lots of mountain views. The only downside to this is the fact it’s not a simple matter to pull off the road to safely make photos; having to drive up a steep dirt farm road, park, and then carefully back down onto the main highway, watching for oncoming traffic of course. It’s definitely worth the risk in exchange for some nice photographic memories.






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This Old Church

As we near the Easter holiday, I wanted to post these photos of an old church I found yesterday in Floyd, Virginia, in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s adjacent to the main highway into this small, scenic and historic town, and I have passed it many times before now without noticing. This time I saw it on the way into town, and on the way back out I pulled off the road and made my photos. The lesson learned for me is that no matter how many times you think you are paying attention to what’s around you, the more you are often surprised by what you fail to see. From the condition of the church, it’s obvious to me that it’s been unused for many years, but when it was a regular place of worship for many local residents I am sure it was a much more vibrant building.




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Flowering Trees

More and more flowering trees in SW Virginia are coming into “color” and the only way to make such last beyond nature’s timetable is to make some photos, which is what I’ve done again this year. So long as there are nice possibilities out there, I’ll keep my camera going to record it all.





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Rainy Day Buds and Flowers

I made the first photo out of one of the upper level windows in our home as it was raining fairly hard outside. I liked the way the rain drops were forming on newly opened tree buds, soon to turn into nice green leaves. After the rain stopped, I went out in the front yard and took the last two shots of small, but very beautiful, Grape Hyacinth flowers which pretty much grow wild all over our yard at this time of year. The ones seen here are underneath our street-side mailbox, in the middle of a smooth, colorful river-rock garden. I wanted to capture the wet, smooth appearance of the rocks in the background behind the purple flowers, each flower bunch being about 1-2 inch high. To get that look, I used my telephoto lens and stood far enough back to keep the flowers in sharp focus, and to make the background blurred. In photography circles, that effect is called “bokeh”, from the Japanese word “boke” which means blur. It’s pronounced as follows: Bo (as in bow), Ke (as in the first part of kettle). Pronounced as two separate words, “Bo Ke.” So now you’ve learned some photo community trivia.





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Farm Building Falling Down

Old farm structures such as this are like a magnet to me when I have my camera. I’d photographed this old storage barn before, but when I saw it recently I noticed that the metal roofed shed on one side had fallen down, on top of what I was really wanting to make an image of — an old horse-drawn farm wagon. But, I still got a photo which as it turned out, was not that bad.




Peaceful Horses

I am not what one might refer to as a “horse person” but I do enjoy making photographs of them when I find them, and can get near enough to make the images interesting. There is a large horse farm near Winston-Salem, NC which I often pass by and from time to time I’ll stop while driving past to see if there are any nice photo opportunities. I especially like the first image because it represents to me a peaceful setting with the grazing horses — a scene which one might use as the basis for a painting. I wanted to add a couple of close-ups as well so as to better tell my photo story.




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Springtime and Bradford Pear Trees

I went out on a brief photo trip locally to specifically find and photograph Bradford Pear Trees, which in this area of the Piedmont Region of Virginia and North Carolina are mostly in full bloom. That period sadly is all too brief it seems to me. Many people do not like the smell of the blossoms, but to me that pungent odor signals it’s time to get the camera out. In short, I was lucky because I was able to find many trees to photograph and some were in very nice surroundings which made the images more interesting. I hope you enjoy seeing these beautiful flowering trees as much as I did in finding them.








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