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On the Farm

Visiting the Booker T. Washington National Monument in Southwest Virginia is always a great photo opportunity, except on those days when it seems like every elementary school kid within a 50-mile radius is there on a field trip. It was pretty much me alone the day I was there recently, and that’s what I like :-) One feels transported back in time while there.










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Peaceful Horses

I am not what one might refer to as a “horse person” but I do enjoy making photographs of them when I find them, and can get near enough to make the images interesting. There is a large horse farm near Winston-Salem, NC which I often pass by and from time to time I’ll stop while driving past to see if there are any nice photo opportunities. I especially like the first image because it represents to me a peaceful setting with the grazing horses — a scene which one might use as the basis for a painting. I wanted to add a couple of close-ups as well so as to better tell my photo story.




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Big and Small in Alaska

Here’s a nice contrast between two images I made while on a 2007 cruise to Alaska and the Bering Sea. As we cruised along the Aleutian Island chain toward the Bering Sea, we were expecting rough waters based on what we’d seen on TV, and very wet weather. Not so this day! I liked the small duck who floated by our ship, with nice patterns on the smooth water’s surface. Plus, while I never did capture a Humpback Whale fully out of the water, I did get a very nice image of the tail portion of a large one with water splashing down. It takes a lot of practice to time your shot just right. So, when we saw evidence of whales in the area, there were lots of shutter “clicks” being heard by the many digital camera photographers on board.

Bering Sea-5-3-Edit

Bering Sea-6-3

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Up Close with Brown Bears

Before our 2007 trip to Alaska, my wife Barb and I had been there together on two other occasions. We saw lots of wildlife, including black and brown bears, but never really up close. With our 100-passenger cruise ship anchored in a sheltered bay in Katmai National Park, we formed into small groups and boarded Zodiac inflatable boats with outboard motor, and with a guide at the tiller, off we went to see what we could find over several hours of riding slowly and as silently as we could along the shoreline with lots of undersea vegetation exposed. We were, in my opinion lucky to have an extremely capable guide who knew where to look. And what we saw caused our jaws to drop open in awe, and camera shutters began clicking excitedly. We were required to stay about fifty yards away from any bears we saw, and to be as inconspicuous as possible. Some like me had 300mm telephoto lens attached so we were able to get in much closer visually than the fifty yard limit. Our guide told us about a passenger he had on another cruise who had a habit of whistling to get a bear’s attention so it would look into the camera lens. After he did it twice, the guide told him once more and he’d be banned from further excursions. So, we were being exceptionally quiet.

As we floated along we began to see bear after bear, feeding and otherwise browsing around the intertidal zone. There were two mother bears with cub and I was able to capture several very nice images of them. Then there was the “sleeping bear” we snuck up on. What a scene! In fact it was so good, I had the photo enlarged professionally and framed and it is now hanging over the head of my bed. While the photo opportunities came one after another, we eventually began to find fewer bears. But we did spot an Eagle sitting along the shoreline. And then I spotted a young brown bear walking down the shoreline toward the Eagle. My heart raced and I prayed the Eagle would not fly away. Thankfully, the majestic bird sat solidly as the large brown bear walked by. It was an incredible photo opportunity and something I will always remember.

In summary, that day seeing so many brown bears in Katmai was a distinct highlight of our two week trip But, there’s more to show you so stay tuned for the next installment.

Bering Sea-39

Bering Sea-51

Bering Sea-46

Bering Sea-58

Bering Sea-65

Bering Sea-79-2

Bering Sea-84-2

Bering Sea-86-2

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The Bog Garden

Some excellent city planning in Greensboro, NC, coupled with a strong environmental appreciation has made it possible for visitors to walk through a “bog garden” with a diverse amount of natural vegetation and wildlife. It is also a great location to make photos as I did recently. Here are several which I believe capture the essence of the place. Winding through the bog garden on wooden walkways offers great closeup views of natural vegetation.




I found a sleeping owl in a nearby tree, and lots of ducks feeding along water ways that flow throughout the area.




The setting sun helped make interesting patterns on the shallow, wet boggy portion of the garden.



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Flowers and Bugs

Here are a couple of images which show the attachment bugs have to flowers…especially the flying, buzzing kind of insects. Note the little guy bottom right in the first image headed toward a meal. The second one shows a butterfly house, designed to attract them to nest nearby flowers.



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Simple Beauty

Little bit of luck involved in making these photos. Came out pretty neat in my opinion.




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Grazing in the Grass

I am not a true “horse person”…in fact I was only on top of one once or twice when I was as kid…just to have my picture made…wearing a cowboy hat looking (well) rather nervous. But, today since I have become interested in making photographs myself, I always look for animals whenever I can find them. I did spot these two beautiful horses last week on a farm and I was able to get up close…behind a fence of course. I felt sorry for them both because as they were grazing in the grass together, they were being pestered by numerous biting flies. To keep them away as best as possible, they flicked their tails a lot, and shook their heads. I was glad to be able to capture one tail swish here. I suppose were I to get proper instruction, I would not mind learning to ride a horse.



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Thirsty Cat

Our cat Lucy gets her after-breakfast drink in a non-cat way.Problem is she never turns the faucet off.

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