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Mountain Pond Up Close

Above 3000 feet elevation in portions of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, trees have yet to fully open their leaves. However, vegetation along a small mountain pond I discovered does have some nice green colors already.




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Simple Beauty

Here are three examples of why springtime is “beauty-time.”




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Interesting Perspectives

I like these images which show some interesting perspective views. The close-up of the lace curtains in the window is nice in my opinion. I’m not bragging on my photos, I just happened to see something that looked interesting and the camera did the rest. A Fujifilm X100T. Superb camera thats fun to use. My main camera now.





An Old Cemetery


I found this old cemetery ground in a section of Eden, NC. It’s located across the road from a United Methodist Church, but as far as I know the burial ground is not related to the church. The Town now known as Eden was created in 1967 from three separate towns—Leaksville, Spray and Draper. I believe Spray Cemetery relates to the old town of Spray. The sign at the entrance caught my attention as I drove past, so I stopped and walked through the ground. It’s not been maintained, but still has an eternal feeling.


This grave marker for Victoria Edwards – Born 1848, Died 1900 was interesting to me because of the inscription which reads: “Heaven now retains our treasure, Earth the lonely casket keeps, And the sunbeams long to linger, Where our sainted Mother sleeps.”


The two names on the marker below are hardly in common use today. I found that interesting.


History in the form of old grave markers can be interesting, if you’ll look for it there.

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Rustic, with a Capital “R”

No need for many words here. Wanted to get the full picture, plus a couple of close-ups.




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Finding Different Reflections

Whenever I’m looking for possible photographs while wandering around, I tend to focus on “windows” and other glass surfaces on buildings as I find them, and try to position myself such that I get an interesting reflection. I was especially lucky with the first image below with the old lamp. Again I say, keep your eyes open and moving around, seeking something different. You may be rewarded




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Up Against the Wall

Shadows and textures, up against the wall.






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Keeping your Eyes Open

I’ve listened to people say, and so-called experts write about, needing to be in some great location to make that “perfect” photo. “It’s all about location”, they opine. To me, it’s more about keeping your eyes open so when you see something that strikes your interest, record it with your camera right then. I’ve been to many extremely scenic locations in my time, four times in Alaska and the Bering Sea as one example, and I do admit to those occasions being full of great scenes that make wonderful photos. But, it was not that hard to make those images when they are there in front of you, so long as you know what your camera can do, and you do it right. Most times, however, I’m not at great scenic locations. So, I have to make the best of it. As long as I’m happy with the results, that’s all that matters.





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Getting Close in the Woods

On this first day of 2015, I wanted to take my Fuji X100T camera out, seeking a place that would be scenic and peaceful, praying that the day would bring me success, thus setting the stage for the remainder of this new year. When I worked in local government in North Carolina, contractors we had there used to say if a person worked the first day of a new year, they would have work al the remainder of that year. I carried that same logic to my photography. I think it was a great day and wanted to present a few images I made while walking in the woods, next to a small lake.






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Some Artistic Compositions?

I “paint” with my camera, as do many others like me. When I see objects which I think might look good in a framed artistic work of art, I snap the shutter of my camera, and then when viewing it on my computer during post processing, I sometimes smile when I see success. On the other hand, some images get the “boot” to the trash bin. It’s all about having fun. These were made using my new Fuji x100t camera, and are essentially out-of-camera results, with some cropping.





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