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Butterfly Visiting our Lantana

The Lantana plants in our back yard are really beginning to look nice this summer, and there’s more to come. Not only do I like their colorful flowers, but so do migrating Butterflies passing through SW Virginia at this time of year. I was headed to the mailbox to retrieve the daily batch of unsolicited political letters from candidates we don’t support, assorted advertisements, bills and other junk, when I saw this lone Butterfly feasting on our flowers. I went back inside the house, grabbed my camera with telephoto lens, and captured some nice images which you see here. Like I always say, photos are waiting for you, if you’ll just look.





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Keeping Up with the Flowers

This year we’re having so many colorful flowers blooming at once, seemingly wherever I go, I have to work hard to keep up with them. Here are some examples I made recently while visiting a farmer’s market in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. These are all ornamental and not for sale. All except the small bird figures in the last image that is. I thought they would make a nice composition and they were indeed for sale.






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Favorites Change

I travel much the same routes during my photo trips through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. On my way I pass views I’ve photographed before, usually during different seasons of the year. For the first time I drove by one of my favorite “barn scenes” when beautiful orange Lilies were in bloom. Now, I have that composition in my archives of photos. And, I’d like to share with you.




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It is HOT but colorful

Here in SW Virginia, it has been above ninety degrees each day for the past two weeks. However, the Robins sitting in the shade of trees don’t seem to mind, nor do the beautiful flowers in our yard, made colorful by late afternoon thunderstorms.




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Summertime Tree and Plants

Start off with this interesting tree. It’s very old Catawba Tree, given its shape and condition of the large, twisty trunk. Nice tree, still hanging on regardless of age. Like some of us humans … that’s a joke son.


Next up is a Yucca Plant, flowering at this time of year. Beware of the sharp spines of the plant, sometimes referred to as a “Bayonet Plant.”


Last photo is my favorite. Contrasting colors. Love the yellow flowers, whatever variety they are.


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To Brighten your Day

I know there are some in the good old USA who are experiencing quite a lot of rain these days just before our Memorial Day weekend … North Texas for example. So, I wanted to publish some bright colored photos of some flowers in our yard, and a single green tree out back on a clear blue sky, to help brighten your day. For those who live in calmer areas, like South Florida for instance, I submit some “photo colors” to add to what you already see daily. Point is, be thankful for what you have, regardless of the details.





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Some Color While Walking

It’s the time of year here in SW Virginia, when I can usually find a lot of nice colors while walking my standard route in our neighborhood. Too soon, these colors will go away for another year. I’m so thankful to be able to find such beauty in nature. You can too if you’ll just look.




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Simple Beauty

Here are three examples of why springtime is “beauty-time.”




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Spring Popping Out

It’s “color” time and my camera can’t stop. Nor can I from seeking these type images. They often present themselves quickly, and before you know it, they are gone until next year. Why wait?




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A Mix of Spring


Ok, true this is a Christmas Cactus bloom at our dining room window, so not necessarily a “spring” photo subject, but hey, the flower has no calendar. Quite beautiful no matter when they decide to pop out.


On the other hand, colorful spring sunsets are typical in SW Virginia at this time of year, given the number of weather cold fronts that move through, often with clearing skies and nice colors, made more special in my opinion when leaves are not on the trees.

The two images below show the hardy nature of Pansies, that were planted last Fall, and made it through cold and snow looking good. The first image surprised me when I walked by, and saw the “smiling face” look up at me. Spring is a great season for photography.



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