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Wandering the Path

I could probably write a lot of philosophical words about the title of this post, thoughts such as “taking advantage of paths in life that are placed before us.” But, this is a photoblog and not a place to get some personal developmental inspiration. I do hope, however, that my photo compositions below make you think about what might lie ahead for your camera lens, if you’ll just wander along paths, such as this walkway in a local nature area; and if you do, perhaps you’ll discover something nice just waiting for you. But, be quick because some scenes might change quickly, as it did with this twitchy squirrel.



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Birds in Motion and More

To get these shots I had to patiently sit on our back porch, holding my camera at eye level and waiting. These guys, Yellow Finches and Hummingbirds are very skittish and don’t like much movement around them. But, over time they get used to you, thankfully. This is what I call “fun” photography.








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Earth and Sky

A brief walk outside the back door to our home with my camera in hand, while I was waiting for supper to be ready, resulted in four quick images of what I saw that represented the magic of Spring — the renewal of the earth as it warms up and brings forth young plants and flowers, and a dark blue sky with a rising moon and a soaring Turkey Buzzard overhead. Making photos can definitely cheer one up!





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Treasures Found in Alaska

In conclusion of my continuing series of photos made during a visit to Alaska and the Bering Sea, I’d like to present several close-up images of things I saw that hopefully will make you smile.

Bering Sea-38-4

Bering Sea-32-5

Bering Sea-45-5

Bering Sea-28-5

Bering Sea-41-5

Bering Sea-56-4

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Getting Close

Moving in close to your subject often results in some nice photos. Had I not done so with these two photos, I might have missed the bumblebee in the center of the flower, as well as the silky spiderweb, covered with early morning dew. I wondered if the ole spider was looking out at me from inside its hole … but I didn’t want to get “that” close to see if that was so.





Simple Beauty

Little bit of luck involved in making these photos. Came out pretty neat in my opinion.




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Waiting for the Bumblebee


The bumblebees are out in force here in SW Virginia, and their opportunities for various sorts of flowers from which to draw sustenance are great. The main problem for us photographers is to be able to find one or two actually feeding and to have them stay still long enough to make an image. In this case the little guy decided to rummage beneath the flowers, tunneling his way along so that all I could see was the movement of the bright flower petals to know he was there. But eventually he surfaced and took this pose, which he kept until just after I snapped the shutter and then he was gone. But, patience paid off and I got my photo. This is the way it is many times with photography…you have to be patient. Click the image to see more detail.

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Looking for a Home


This Robin may be looking for a new home, which my neighbor has thoughtfully provided (below). But then, maybe the bird is just looking for a snack in the form of a juicy worm.


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Posted by on April 4, 2013 in Wildlife


Feeding Time

I was lucky to spot this Bumblebee feeding on one of the last flowering plants in our yard, and after taking many photos of it from various angles, I finally got two I liked. The shine on the wings in the first image was what I was looking for, and in the second my objective was to get its eyes as a primary aspect of the composition. The bee was very cooperative and stayed on the flower for a long time, giving me the opportunity to make these two images.

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Hummingbirds in Flight


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