Cows on the Mountainside

Recently while making fall color images in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I spotted a herd of black cows grazing along the slopes and hilltops. I got up close to one, but the cow I liked the best was far away on a ridge-line, which called for my telephoto lens. Both had some nice fall colors present. I suppose we are often blessed by scenes placed in front of us. The key is to take advantage of what we see, so we can share such with others. Cheers!




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More Blue Ridge Fall Colors

I was fortunate this year to be above 3000 feet elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia on a day, with my wife along, when the leaves and other fall colors looked very nice. A nice blue sky and some puffy clouds helped. Enjoy.






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Seeking Fall Colors


I love Fall in Southwestern Virginia. I’m using my photo above to make a point why I love this colorful season so much. First, I have to pay attention to the weather and pick a time when to be out in the country. Second, I have to be somewhat lucky, such as I was when I found this nice composition above. (It just YELLS look at me!) And third, when I go out seeking Fall colors on trees above 3000 feet elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia as I always do, I really don’t know if there will still be enough leaves on the trees, and I have to hope they have not yet passed their peak in terms of oranges, yellows, and hopefully some reds. Last year, for example, I waited too long and most of the colorful leaves had fallen. In sum, I like this time of year because of the “not knowing part” of what my hour long drive up to the mountains from lower elevations at home will give me in terms of good color opportunities. The best part of it all for me this year was that my wife Barb rode along. That must have been the ticket I needed because the colors were far better yesterday than they have been for me over the past several years. God is good. He created all this beauty for us, and made it so special that it’s not around for long. If you have been following my photo blog, you’ll know I won’t be able to limit my Fall color photos to just the one above. I’m processing those I made and will over the next several posts here, show you what Barb and I saw, on our wonderful drive yesterday through the winding roads of SW Virginia. Cheers!

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A Couple of Keepers

Just like fishing, when we make cast after cast looking for an elusive fish, so do I often find myself when using my camera. Most of my photos are ho-hum. But I do get some keepers. Here are two recent ones I liked.



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A Colorful Historic Home

This 1881 Victorian Style house was the home of the 32nd Governor of North Carolina, David Settle Reid, and he lived there for the last 10 years of his life, passing in 1891. He was one of six governors from Rockingham County, and the City of Reidsville bears his family name. This home was the first structure in Reidsville to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In short, I like the home because it is so scenic and colorful, providing lots of photographic angles. Here are some photos I made recently.





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Lots of variety when walking small downtown streets. Some from today, some from the past.




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Two Windows

Selecting a primary photo subject when composing several scenes, especially in urban street scenes, is important to me as I wander around. This time it was “two windows.” However, I wanted to pick some unique aspects of the window scenes I saw. Results below. Note: Yes, there are two windows in the first photo, one is just boarded up. Smile.




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Wall Art

Here are two images I saw in Reidsville, NC recently. While one of them is a single section of a large wall mural at least fifty feet wide, the other is a small window scene painted on the upper level of a retail establishment. That one was so realistic as I walked by on the opposite side of the street, at first I though the cat in the window was real. Nice work by the artists who painted these.




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Backlighting Flowers

As the sun sets, or angle of main lighting changes such that it’s behind the subject, one can get sone nice effects, especially with flowers and other vegetation. The colors seem to pop out more when using this technique.




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Singled Out

Calling attention visually, to rather small but very interesting objects is something I like to work toward. When I find things like the old shoe and small hanging ceramic bell, I am thankful for being guided to those locations.






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