A Special Photo Walk in Danville

Danville, Virginia is but a short drive of thirty minutes or so from our home. It’s a very historic place with many wonderful photographic opportunities. I’ve been there many, many times and each time I go I find some different view I’d missed before. Right after Christmas 2015, I made the trip with folks who had never been there. Our youngest daughter Amy and her three sons (in order behind Amy) Stephen, Brandon and Daniel had traveled from North Texas and I was of course most happy to have them with me on this very special “photo walk.”


One photographic attraction and popular visitor location I wanted them to see was the Main Street Historic District and it’s intricate and colorful Victorian Style homes. I was not the only one with a camera. Brandon (below) is very creative in both photo/video work and perhaps one day that will be his chosen life’s journey. Amy and Stephen had their phone cameras and the images they made showed a talent for composition. Daniel, being a high school athlete excelling in both football and tennis was the catalyst of the group, offering wise and inspiring comments along the way.


Here are a few photos I made for my personal enjoyment that day.





This trip to Danville was my last photo walk of 2015, and I have to say it was certainly my most enjoyable for that year. May those in 2016 be equally so.



Starting the Year Off Right

Here’s a toast to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, for 2016, “May your beautiful scenery always inspire me to share what I see with others.”





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Getting Ready for the New Year

It’s not that I don’t enjoy posting Christmastime photos, I do. It’s just that I feel it’s time for me to get ready for a new year of making photos, so I wanted to make a transition to that with some recent images I made that show lines, colors, and contrast. It’s all about having fun. Making photos that is.





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Oh Christmas Tree

Last year I posted a story about a rather large “live” Christmas tree our cross-the-street neighbor Daniel decorated in his home. Here’s my photo of that tree from a year ago.


You must agree that was a very nice tree. Almost eleven-feet high and natural. Well, Daniel out did last year’s tree with the one below: an approximate eleven-foot high, Virginia Pine, 100 inches diameter at the base. It’s beautiful.



Like last year, Daniel asked me to come over and make some photos of the tree and his lovely family, Sarah and Sophie. What a treat and honor that was for me to be so asked. Sophie was at first a bit shy, but after she became accustomed to me and my camera (a small, not so imposing Fuji X100T) she began to romp about the tree and smile a bit. After all, it’s not every kid who has parents so nice to bring into her home a tree like this one.




We are extremely fortunate to have neighbors such as Daniel, Sarah and Sophie living close, and I look forward returning next Christmas with my camera, to make photos of the family, and their special tree. Merry Christmas to all!

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Winter Colors

It’s far from as warm as it is in the Fall when colors abound, but there is still much “color” to be found here in SW Virginia.





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Frosty Morning Walk

I decided to take a morning walk before the temperatures warmed up a bit, and was rewarded by some nice “frosty” scenes. The frost covered picnic table near the Smith River in SW Virginia made me wonder how many folks had sat there when fish were biting and the water was warm. Sort of a lonely scene now, but nice regardless. I also liked the “steam” coming off the river with a sun flare in the upper left of the composition. Lastly, ice crystals in the wet ground were another reminder that its cold outside.





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Small Town Views

As I was looking through some images I made over the past few months I grabbed a few which give a brief view of what portions of “small town America” looks like today near where we live in SW Virginia.





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Fun in Black & White

This image of our latest full moon I made hand-held so it’s not the sharpest ever, but given that the moon was just rising above some trees across the street from our house, I liked the way the limbs looked in front of the familiar moonscape.


I got down low for this image of our new brick sidewalk which runs to our front porch. The fallen leaves gave it a nice look.


And lastly, our back porch light is always good for an image or two. Nice contrast.


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Frank’s House

Neighbors where we live are perfect for us. One is Frank, and he has a very unusual house. Not so much on the outside, but when you walk through the front door you can’t help but feel you’re in a very unique place. His front porch has items displayed that make you wonder what might be inside.


When you get inside, your visual senses are overwhelmed with items of beauty, historical significance and just plain awe that one person could collect so many diverse items and display them in such an attractive manner. Here are several examples.







Frank definitely appreciates history; not only in America but worldwide. He has been collecting antiques for over twenty years since he retired. He told me he usually makes three weekly visits to local antique shops, usually coming away with a great find, often for an amazingly low price. And, he actually knows where everything is located in his house, and has each item recorded for posterity. Like I said above, we have great neighbors.


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Modern Abstracts

These two photos are similar to what a 1950s image might have looked like in terms of subject and composition. Modern, retro or whatnot.



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