Small but Nice

From 1893 to 1917, the Little Post Office in Martinsville, Virginia played a critical role in the expansion of the United States Postal Service‚Äôs local service, when it was operated as a “contract” post office. Such operations were typical at that time. Today, the historic building is made available for special events and historic displays. I’ve made numerous photos of the building before, and whenever I do, I make an angled-on composition first to show the complete building in (I think) the best manner, followed by a close-up image of some aspect, like the dimpled glass window, with reflected green trees and blue sky. So what if repeat what I’ve done before? I like it!



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Architectural Delights

I’m typically looking for relatively minor aspects of buildings to photograph, such as these three images I saw in Martinsville,Virginia recently. Love the colors.




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Deep in the Woods

These photos show what it’s like to walk “deep in the woods” along a small stream, finding interesting compositions along the way. When I look at the flowing water and soft reflections and shadows, I think how peaceful it was there, at the time I made these images.

DSCF4330 (1)

DSCF4336 (1)


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This Old House

Like I say, I usually have no specific idea where I’m headed looking for photo opportunities within a 50 mile radius of where we live in SW Virginia. I know the territory well enough that I can simply follow a compass direction, always knowing I’ll eventually wind up on a major road I’ve traveled before. I never go alone, because riding along inside me is the Holy Spirit who has always, and I say always, guided me wisely. When I come upon what I consider a really good “find”, I thank the Good Lord and begin to wander around seeking interesting compositions. Last week, I found this old house along a narrow road I’d never traveled before. Wow, what a place it was. So much history to wonder about. Take a look at what I saw that day.






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Just Three

If you’ve been a frequent visitor to my blog, you’ll probably remember me posting photos that show contrasting colors, textures, lights and shadows. I’m especially attracted to compositions that show bright green vegetation on red/brown brick backgrounds. Here are “just three” images that illustrate what I’m writing about. I have more in the archives, and many more to come … I’m sure.





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Odd Doors

I guess I’m a sucker when it comes to photographing doors associated with old, usually abandoned, buildings. This involves looking for something different in the composition, with contrasting objects and colors.




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Action on the Water

Recently as I was walking along the Roanoke River, I spotted a small flock of Canadian Geese, feeding along the shoreline. The closer I got, they promptly waddled into the rushing water upstream, and began their escape from this intruder with camera in hand. Meanwhile, further downstream, a local fisherman was completely ignorant of my presence. He was definitely having fun, and I hoped at the time that he had been successful in his catch. It was “action join the water.”




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Fast and Slow

Here are two contrasting scenes of a local stream, one showing racing water, and the other a quiet pool in the shade, with Kudzu vines in the background. Like to contrast photos when I can.



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In the Wild

As weeks wind down toward the end of summer, and as the prime growing season dwindles away, there remain lots of beautiful and interesting flowers and whatnot “in the wild” … that is if you will just get out and look for them, as I did recently in Salem, Virginia.




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Roanoke River

I drove my wife to Roanoke for an appointment, and while I was waiting for her to finish, I drove down the road and found a nice city park along the Roanoke River. I found some nice photo compositions there. Cloudy cool day, but the green colors were most vibrant.




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